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That was super.

Nice one man. Happy holidays. ;D

FrozenFire responds:

Oh boy am I glad to hear from you. :)

Good, but kind of careless.

I mean, the drawing were great, but why animate it in aftereffects? it just converts everything to raster images, bloating the filesize a lot when I didn't need to be.

Onelani responds:

Because this project was for a Motion Graphic class so I had to use After Effects for the animation. Because there isn't much moving going on it wasn't too complicated.

fuck yes!

I remember you showed me this a while ago. :D

Just a heads up, I'm thinking of starting Brushed*3 Mid-May, if I don't get grounded 'till June. D:

Lord-Sonx responds:

yey brushed threeeeee

cool beans.

Lim really needs a new mic. >_>
other wise, pretty entertaining, though I don't have the patience to watch for 15 minutes.

Carbonwater responds:

Bug hambug.

Glad to see it's out! :)

Trin showed me this yesterday, and I fivened then, but I'll fiven again, because I <3 you all. :D

CIA responds:

haha t hanks


glad it's finally out... too bad NGC is down...

your welcome for the menu :P

NGCTOONS responds:

I will say special thanks to you.

pretty good for a test...

I just think it was way too short. The main reason that I voted that high is because I do FBF also, and I know the efort it takes. the graphics were phenomonal, the animation wasn't too bad either, the music fit it well, and over it think it's decent, but I suggest not submitting tests to NG, that's why they have NG alphas, and also most users don't take too kindly to tests... just a suggestion ;)

Neked responds:

I know "tests" and such don't usually go over well on ng, it was a thing I did for myself and since dumped. I just wanted to share instead of it sitting in a folder to rot.


Kirby + Fighting = One cool movie!
That was definitely one of the better flashes I've seen in the portal...
Grpahics were good
The animation was GREAT
sound wasn't bad
attacks rocked
it was pretty funny watching kirby beat the shit outta some guy cuz kirby looks harmless (I mean, he's like a pink balloon!)
8/10 That kick ass, and whoever tries to blam this doesn't know squat.

Wyckid responds:

You are cool as well. Thanks for all the compliments.

hahaha nice!

That was ur first flash?? That was fuxing awesome!
I liked the song a lot too. who wrote that?
Ur a rlly good artist! keep up the great work!

Legend responds:

Thanks, yea its my first. The song is by a ska band called "Reel Big Fish", and the song is called "Beer". I tried to name the movie "Beer song", but it was already taken.

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